our business

Our Business

Tactical Research was founded by Principal Scott Russell in January 2006. It started with the desire to create a highly agile and specialised military engineering unit that could support niche problems – problems that typically large Defence Contractors are unable to address.

As an organisation, Tactical Research is built on three pillars: Consulting, Research, and Development. Our belief is that Research and Development is an essential component to delivering niche Consulting Services. Research and Development gives us an opportunity to evolve our knowledge and skills, and in turn, use what we have learned to benefit our clients.

The team at Tactical Research comprises over 40 years of engineering project experience. Our Senior Engineers have worked together for over a decade across some of the largest and most challenging international projects. Our staff have enjoyed a portfolio career across Industry, Government, and Academia, both here in Australia and Internationally. Our way of thinking, formed by years of complex product engineering, cannot be simply taught.

Tactical Research has grown from the vision of a single person to a thriving small business employing a mixture of core staff and associates. We are based in Canberra, ACT with integration and test facilities in Jindabyne, NSW.